The Art and Craft of Glass Blowing

The evolution and the design for glass blowing, water pipes and glass bongs has not changed much from the ancient times. The uses and the different forms and shapes are what have been modified from the past three hundred years.

glass blowing

The process of glass blowing still remains the same, it is a technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble with the help of a blowpipe. But when talking about artistic skills then the colors, and the decorative patterns will influence its unique shape.

We have to thank the Ancient Romans and the Syrians when they learn by chance to do the glass molding. They learn the technique by blowing from hollow tubes into shapes. Until today, in Italy you can find beautiful pieces of Murano’s red glass with engravings like, gold.

The Americans began the glass blowing in the areas of Pittsburgh, the new development has grown into different glass schools, like ( bong and pipes). You need to have a college degree, in arts and crafts.

The glass blowing art of shaping molten glass into different objects is still a modern science. You have to use certain tools to do the job, like:

•Fuel Regulations
•Graphite Shields

Also, you will need a working bench, safety glasses, nippers, grabbers and glass tubes, (solid and hollow). It is a job for an artisan. Probably you will need a kiln if doing more elaborated designs. Like a dragoon, a jar , a set of coloring glasses, the options and endless.

The Glass Water Pipes and the bong have different turns: The water pipe filter the dry herbs, and it is used for smoking tobacco, a bong can be made of glass or wood, bamboo or acrylic, also it can be made of metal and its roll is just to hold water.

glass blowingThe Art and Craft of glass blowing it is an amazing technique and is regarded also as a career as a glass blower. Many people refer to as a hobby. But the engraving, the grounding and the polishing are some of the arts you have to perform to mold a masterpiece.

The twisting and blowing until you get the shape you wanted using different instruments, depending of the object and their use, you can take several hours to complete the task. Specially when using a furnace. The heat can reach up to one thousand degrees.

We know that the bongs became from an older generation and it is said that in Africa, many tribes used them to smoke tobacco. Consequently, the sophistication of the water pipe or bong has been modernized and their popularity has grown immensely. A cylindrical tube with a kick hole, a tobacco container with a lid.